Triumph Tiger vs BMW GS

Do you imagine your dream ride as a dual sport motorcycle? If so, you may want a closer look at the Triumph Tiger and BMW GS families of motorcycles.

These bikes are built to take you everywhere. From the roads of Philadelphia, PA, and Wilmington, DE, to off-road adventures near Cherry Hill, NJ, no bike could be more versatile. But which one offers the experience you’re looking for?

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Triumph Tiger vs BMW GS: The Models

To understand the differences between the Triumph Tiger and the BMW GS, you’ll need to consider individual models. Which motorcycles in the Triumph and BMW lines take on the Tiger and GS names?

As of model year 2021, there are five motorcycles in the Triumph Tiger family. Compare them to the six models that belong to the BMW GS family here:

Triumph Tiger Models

BMW GS Models

  • Tiger 850 Sport
  • Tiger 900 GT
  • Tiger 900 Rally
  • Tiger 1200 Alpine Edition
  • Tiger 1200 Desert Edition


  • R 1250 GS
  • R 1250 GS Adventure
  • F 850 GS
  • F 850 GS Adventure
  • F 750 GS
  • G 310 GS


The “GS” stands for Gelände/Straße—“off-road/road” in German. GS motorbikes can be distinguished from other BMW bikes by their longer travel suspension and upright riding position—plus larger (typically 19- to 20-inch) wheels.

Meanwhile, Triumph markets its Tiger family as adventure bikes—motorcycles made for all purposes, ready to take on smooth roads and rough challenges.

BMW GS vs GS Adventure

If you love long road trips and quality time on the trails, choose a BMW GS with “Adventure” in the name! The upper-spec GS Adventure is primed for off-road environments with its added suspension travel and factory-installed crash protection.

Take, for example, the BMW R 1250 GS and R 1250 GS Adventure. The Adventure version offers 8.3 inches and 8.7 inches of front and rear suspension travel, respectively, to give you more cushion on the roughest trails.

The regular GS offers just 7.5 inches front and 7.9 inches rear suspension travel; however, it’s highly versatile thanks to its seven riding modes that ensure optimum grip and superior handling in a variety of conditions.  

The Three Tiger families

With three model ranges, the Triumph Tiger also offers an array of road-oriented and off-road motorcycles. As dual sport bikes, all of them can handle both environments, but some are more geared for one than the other.

The Tiger 850 Sport and 900 GT are biased toward road use, while the Tiger 900 Rally and both Tiger 1200 models (Alpine and Desert Editions) are more intended for off-roading.

With those last two, you just have one question to answer: Does your adventure aesthetic scream Kilimanjaro or Kalahari?

Which is better: Triumph Tiger or BMW GS?

The better dual sport motorcycle is the one that satisfies your drive for adventure. Now that you’ve read about the Triumph Tiger and BMW GS lines, it’s time to put yourself in the rider’s seat. You can do so here at our showroom.

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