Motorcycle Service Trenton NJ

Whether you’re new to the motorcycle scene or a longtime rider, you know your bike needs routine repairs to perform at its best. For quality motorcycle service near Trenton, New Jersey, turn to the experts at Quaker City Motor Sport!

Our team of dedicated technicians is here for you. We’ll help keep your motorbike in top condition for the streets of Trenton. All you need to do is schedule a service appointment and let our experts get to work!  

Why Trenton Chooses Us for Motorcycle Service

It may be time to service your motorcycle near Trenton, NJ. Why choose our service department for the task at hand? It’s simple: Our certified technicians know motorbikes. We specialize in BMW, Ducati, Royal Enfield, and Triumph service and repair, including services like:

  • Oil and Filter Changes
  • Wheel and Tire Service
  • Brake Service and Repair

If you need a chain or belt replaced, our experts can handle that as well. We also provide collision repair services if your bike has been in an accident. Our service department works with a wide variety of insurance companies to repair your motorcycle.

How Often Do I Need to Service My Motorcycle?

The answer to this question depends on the motorcycle you ride. Different brands and models require different service intervals, and for that reason, we recommend you follow the maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual.

Our technicians will be happy to advise you on motorcycle service. We know BMW, Ducati, Royal Enfield, and Triumph bikes like the back of our hands! We’ll help you stay on track with your motorbike’s maintenance needs.

Oil changes are one of the most important services your motorcycle receives. A good rule of thumb? Have an oil change performed once every 2,000 miles for mineral-based oil and once every 7,000 to 10,000 miles for fully synthetic oil. We’re here to assist with motorcycle oil changes near Trenton, NJ!

Motorcycle Wash and Detail Services Trenton NJ

With a fresh wash, you’ll take on Trenton from the back of a beautiful-looking bike. Ride out to catch a baseball game at Arm & Hammer Park or find a moment of respite in the green space at Cadwalader Park.

Why have your motorcycle washed and detailed by our professionals? Bike care is important. A wash won’t just leave your bike looking social media ready—it keeps the parts healthy as well.

Your motorcycle’s most important parts are constantly exposed to the elements. Washing a motorcycle by hand takes roughly half an hour and can be performed by our technicians during your service appointment.

We’ll wash away the grime and road salt and leave your motorcycle looking bright, shiny, and new again!

Schedule Your Service Appointment Today!

Is it time for your regularly scheduled motorcycle service near Trenton, NJ? Do you need warranty service, collision repair, or even a simple wash and detailing service? If so, we have the trained and experienced team you can rely on.

Contact us today at Quaker City Motor Sport. We’ll treat your motorbike to the care it deserves!