Triumph vs Harley-Davidson

Philadelphia, PA; Wilmington, DE; and Cherry Hill, NJ, riders have come to us with a familiar question: Which bike is better? The two camps we’ll consider today are those who love Triumph vs. those who prefer Harley-Davidson.

These motorcycle brands are known the world over. Whether the British Triumph motorcycle or American Harley-Davidson appeals to you may come down to style in the final analysis. Or it could depend simply on what you need in a motorcycle.

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A Wider Variety of Heavy Motorcycles

You experienced motorcyclists may be looking for heavy bikes, which are typically better suited for roadway obstacles and tend to fare better in the event of a collision. Triumph has more of them in its lineup than Harley-Davidson, including:

  • Sport bikes
  • Street fighters
  • Cruisers
  • Sport tourers

You have plenty of options to choose from with Triumph.

By contrast, Harley-Davidson manufactures just two heavy motorcycle types: cruisers and long-haul tourers. If you’re not looking for models in those niches, you may be better served by what Triumph offers.

Do You Want a Retro or Modern Bike?

Do you want to go modern or old school with your next new bike? Your answer may affect whether you decide to go for Triumph or Harley-Davidson, as they each take a different approach when it comes to style and aesthetic.

Harley-Davidson, as you might guess, is more traditional. Their brand is all about nostalgia, the force that has helped make them the dominant American brand in the marketplace. If you want a timeless classic, that’s just what you’ll get.

Triumph, meanwhile, has a more modern outlook. While it does manufacture some impressive retro-styled bikes, by and large, it embraces bikes that are more technically advanced. With many Triumph motorcycles, all the latest gadgetry can be yours, including:

  • Anti-lock braking system (ABS) and traction control
  • Digital display screens
  • Heated seats and other creature comforts

Motorcycle Performance: A Triumph Win

Harley-Davidson and Triumph have some excellent entries. But when it comes to performance, Triumph motorcycles can often outrun the competition. The bigger the bike, the truer this tends to be.

Consider the Rocket 3. You’re looking at an engine displacement of 2,458 cc and 163 lb-ft of torque on tap! The comparable Harley-Davidson is the Road King with a displacement of 1,753 cc and 111 lb-ft of torque.

That said, you can sometimes find Harley-Davidson models that hold their own against their Triumph counterparts. The 883 Sportster is competitive with the basic Triumph Bonneville, for instance. However, this tends to be a less common occurrence.

Ride a Triumph or Harley-Davidson Today

The inner and outer beauty of these motorbike brands couldn’t be more obvious. We welcome our Cherry Hill, NJ; Wilmington, DE; and Philadelphia, PA, readers to put on their helmets and ride the best bikes these brands have to offer.  

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