Royal Enfield Brand Review

Retro looks, a resounding roar, and a stable, comfortable ride—that’s what you’ll experience on the back of a Royal Enfield motorcycle. After decades of invigorating the senses of riders all over the world, Royal Enfield motorcycles have cemented their place as one of the most popular motorbikes on the streets of Philadelphia, PA; Cherry Hill, NJ; and Wilmington, DE.

Our team at Quaker City Motor Sport is well-acquainted with the brand’s past, present, and future. Let’s go for a ride and meet the Royal Enfield lineup!

Royal Enfield Continental GT Review

Royal Enfield Himalayan Review

The Road to Motorcycle Royalty: Royal Enfield

The first Royal Enfield motorcycle was built in 1901, but their story begins long before that. When Bob Walker Smith and Albert Eadie began manufacturing bicycles in 1891, they probably had no idea they’d one day build one of the most iconic motorcycles on the road.

In 1964, Royal Enfield released a motorcycle that would ignite a movement. The Continental GT would come to be called a café racer. Why? They were designed for speed and agility over short distances. The rebellious riders of the ’60s and ’70s would use them to dart around town, hitting all their favorite cafés in one wild afternoon.

Royal Enfield long had a foothold in America, but once they established Royal Enfield North America, the motorcycle brand really started to gain traction. It was their first direct distribution subsidiary outside India and officially marked the dawn of an iconic age for American riders.

Royal Enfield Motorcycles: Did Someone Say Iconic?

Do you need a stripped-down motorcycle that has a focus on speed and excitement? If you answered yes, then a Royal Enfield is for you. Their family of motorcycles includes:

  • Himalayan 411
  • Continental GT 650
  • INT650

Today’s Continental GT 650 is inspired by Royal Enfield’s long-standing history with café racers. Its light frame is paired with a 648-cc Twin engine that produces 47 horsepower, so you can indulge your need for speed. As a call back to its retro past, the Continental also has clip-on handlebars and a bump stop seat.

If you’re looking for a motorcycle that can take you anywhere, the Royal Enfield Himalayan 411 is the answer. It boasts over eight inches of ground clearance and a tough bash plate, so you can clear rocks and other obstacles you come across.

Where Classic Looks Meet Modern Safety

Royal Enfield motorcycles like the Himalayan come with switchable ABS. It’s ideal for an adventure motorcycle like this. When you’re ready to explore in the mud and sand, turn it off. Once you get back on the road, turn it back on for optimal control.

You’ll have more stopping power with the Brembo braking components available with some Royal Enfield motorcycles. The calipers and disc brakes offer the precision needed to lean into those tight corners and effortlessly glide to a halt.

There’s an available LCD dashboard with some Royal Enfield motorcycles as well. It puts all your need-to-know information in one simple place. You can keep track of everything from miles and ABS status to maintenance needs.

Join the Ranks of Motorcycle Royalty Today!

Now that you’ve met the family of Royal Enfield motorcycles and heard their story, it’s time to decide which one you should take home to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Cherry Hill, New Jersey; or Wilmington, Delaware.

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