Harley-Davidson Reviews

The open road on a Harley-Davidson–We can hardly imagine a more pleasurable experience for Philadelphia, PA; Wilmington, DE; and Cherry Hill, NJ, riders! Sure, you’ll look good—but how does this brand’s performance hold up?

Let Quaker City Motor Sport be your resource for motorcycle research. See what elevates popular Harley-Davidson motorbikes when you read our model reviews. Finally, find out how it feels to ride a Harley with the help of our pre-owned inventory!

The Best of Harley-Davidson Bikes

You know a Harley-Davidson when you see one—and not just by the iconic shield logo. These bikes have a style all their own! In fact, their particular customization gave rise to the chopper motorcycle, the most extreme of all custom styles.

Longtime Harley-Davidson fans will instantly recognize the brand’s best-known choppers: the “Captain America” and “Billy Bike” seen in the 1969 film, Easy Rider. Yes, this motorcycle marquee was well steeped in the counterculture!

Today, the brand offers all types of motorcycles for the enthusiast. Find the best possible experience on the road with bike models that include:

  • Electric
  • Street
  • Cruiser
  • Adventure Touring
  • Trike

Harley-Davidson’s Long History

How did they do it? How did Harley-Davidson grow into the onetime largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world? The story starts over 100 years ago, way back in 1903. America hadn’t even paved its highways yet.

Yes, there were Harley-Davidson motorcycles before there were paved roads! The early riders tested these motorbikes’ mettle wherever they could, from the creeks to the rolling hills and mountainsides. Off-road is a specialty today, but back then, it was the whole game!

Harley-Davidson set up shop in Milwaukee and had become a worldwide success by 1920. That year, the company manufactured 27,000 motorcycles—27 times what it had produced just 11 years earlier.

Over the decades, Harley-Davidson proved it had staying power. One of only two American cycle manufacturers to survive the Great Depression, the company went on to provide motorcycles for the U.S. Army in World War II. This distinctly American brand earned itself an international theater, and the world hasn’t been the same since.

Yes, Harleys Are Heavyweights

High-speed tourers know that light bikes can get blown around on the road. You won’t have that problem with Harley-Davidson, a brand well known for its heavy motorcycles.

If you need your bike less for racing and more for crossing the country, Harley-Davidson just makes sense. Their motorbikes tend to trade athleticism for high-speed manners—a good trade, from the tourer’s point of view.  

Greater rake angles and longer wheelbases help keep you stable on long rides. Yes, this brand has plenty of staying power!   

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