Ducati vs BMW

Two of the most prominent names in the motorcycle world are Ducati and BMW motorcycles. That should be no surprise—both brands are known for the quality of their bikes. From performance to style, they each excel in their own way.

You need to know which bike will serve you best as you ride across Philadelphia, PA; Wilmington, DE; or Cherry Hill, NJ. At Quaker City Motor Sport, we can help you decide whether a Ducati motorcycle or BMW makes more sense for you.

Compare these brands with our motorcycle experts. Before long, you’ll be on the road to a new bike that rides just the way you like it!

Ducati vs BMW: Different Pedigrees



Different brands have different histories. That’s true of Ducati and BMW, which have historically excelled in unique ways.

For BMW, a strength has always been touring motorcycles. These are bikes designed for long-range travel. By contrast, Ducati built a reputation on racing. It designed motorcycles with the track in mind and produced ferociously fast sport bikes and superbikes.

However, both brands have grown beyond their pedigrees to produce vast and varied lineups. For instance, you can certainly find Ducati touring motorcycles and BMW sport bikes.

In essence, it’s a competition between German (BMW) and Italian (Ducati). BMW tends to win fans more so for engineering. But the sensuous appeal of Ducati motorbikes cannot be overlooked. Italian passion is always personal!

Ducati vs BMW: Motorcycle Lineups     

Which motorcycles are Ducati and BMW known for today? As their lineups have grown and diversified, they’ve offered more popular motorbikes than ever before! Some of the most famous Ducati and BMW bikes you can buy include the following:










C Series

F Series

G Series

K Series

M Series

R Series

S Series

Both brands compete well across motorcycle segments. For instance, the BMW M 1000 RR is designed for racing and can go up against the Ducati Panigale V4 R, the superbike that sounds like pure racing adrenaline!

Want to shred those city streets? A street motorcycle like the Ducati Streetfighter or BMW S 1000 R can deliver the thrills you seek. With aggressive looks and sporty natures, these bikes are popular if you have a little daredevil in you. 

The Ducati Multistrada makes an excellent sport tourer. Take on many roads on that bike—or choose a BMW tourer like the K 1600 B. For every Ducati, there’s a BMW to match it!

With so many similarities between the lineups, you may need to take a test drive to know whether you’re more of a BMW or Ducati rider. The team at your local motorcycle dealership can help you experience these bikes in action.

Which Is Better, Ducati or BMW?

Ducati and BMW both produce high-performance bikes. Out on the streets of Philadelphia, PA; Wilmington, DE; and Cherry Hill, NJ, both brands have unique qualities to offer. To truly know which bike is best for you, you need to ride!

Do your research here, but then be sure to contact Quaker City Motor Sport. Our 12,500-square-foot showroom has some impressive bikes on display! Take your favorites for a test ride and decide: Ducati or BMW?