Ducati Motorcycle Dealer near Me

Ducati bikes dominate the dreams of motorcycle enthusiasts around the world—and closer to home here in Philadelphia, PA; Wilmington, DE; and Cherry Hill, NJ. Looking for a Ducati motorcycle dealer near you? You’ve found us!

At Quaker City Motor Sport, we offer the latest in the Ducati line. When you need a new or used motorcycle, our Ducati bikes appeal to something deep—the desire for adventure on the wide-open road!

What Is the Best Ducati to Buy?

A vast and varied lineup means Ducati has a bike for everyone. Whether you want to test your mettle on the dusty trails, weave through traffic on the Schuylkill Expressway, or tour for miles and miles, we have a Ducati for you:

  • Hypermotad
  • Panigale
  • HypermotardMonster
  • Scrambler
  • Multistrada
  • SuperSport
The beauty of these bikes can’t be overstated! Look for the classic monochrome Ducati Red—the sporty essence of our most popular Ducati models. Somehow, it evokes the passion of every motorcyclist who mounts one of these bikes!

We welcome all riders to find freedom on these masterful Italian models. See why Ducati remains the respected name it is when you go for a test ride.   

Ducati Motorcycle Reviews

Ducati Motorcycle Service near Me

Sure, Ducati motorbikes look great. It’s that Italian penchant for passion in action. Keep your bike in prime condition with regular detailing and washing here at our service department! We can do more than make it look great, too.

Yes, our technicians specialize in Ducati maintenance and repairs! Come to us for all your oil changes, brake service, and chain and belt replacements. We’ll ensure your bike receives the OEM parts it needs to perform with the best of them.

Remember, we handle warranty work and insurance repairs as well. Choose us for quality service from the people who know Ducati motorcycles like few others!

Fuel Your Inner Daredevil with Ducati

Something about Ducati bikes brings out your daring side. And now is the time for Philadelphia, PA; Wilmington, DE; and Cherry Hill, NJ, riders to make bold moves.

So, shop our selection online. Set up that test ride at our Ducati motorcycle dealer and contact us at Quaker City Motor Sport!